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Furniture Cleaning

Furniture is an integral part of all the homes, offices, industries etc. and it is often used by multiple people. This leads to its getting dirty easily, leading to the production of spots and the development of girt on it. A shiny furniture adds to the aesthetics of the home and/or office where it is kept. Usually, the furniture used may be of different materials like wood, leather, acrylic, Lucite, wicker or metal. With the type of the material the furniture is made up of, its cleaning process also changes. Usually, people resort to the use of following methods to clean the furniture:

  • Dusting and Vacuuming
  • Using Industrial detergents
  • Using branded Cleaning Chemicals
  • Using Specially Designed sponge
  • Blotting

The real problem arises when we don’t realize which material needs what type of treatment. Besides, none of the above treatments or any other treatment is complete enough to get rid of the stains without damaging the material the furniture is made up of. Therefore, Neat N Clean’s furniture cleaning experts come to your rescue. At Neat N Clean, our furniture cleaning experts provide you the following unparalleled advantages:

  • Removal of stains: Every furniture that is used regularly contains stains. Stain removal is a tedious task and needs expertise or else the stain removal process shall cause more harm to the furniture than benefit. Neat N Clean provides you the services of professionally trained furniture cleaning staff that takes to the task of removing the stains.


  • Erasing Difficult Marks: Difficult marks like those of ink, dyes etc. needs special treatment using cleansing solutions. Furniture cleaning experts from Neat N Clean make use of the specialized cleaning solutions procured from 3M, Johnson & Diversity, as well as Taski and can, erase all kinds of difficult marks from your furniture.


  • Removing old polish/Re-polishing: Certain old furniture starts looking dull because of the fading polish. In such a case, old polish removal and re-polishing become the prime requirement. Furniture cleaning experts from Neat N Clean are well trained to do so and can also re-polish the furniture, making your old furniture look like new.


  • Odor removal: Sometimes furniture that’s not being used for long periods starts building an odor. Our furniture cleaning experts can remove this odor mechanically by using products from Bosch, Karcher, Eureka Forbes, and Roots. So, why wait for more? Call a furniture cleaning expert today and avail the highly professional services from Neat N Clean.

The expertise of Neat N Clean and its experience shall give your furniture a new lease of life and your furniture shall glow like new. Therefore, if you are looking for professional furniture cleaning services, you are at the right place. A small call can change the texture, aesthetics, and appearance of your old furniture. All you need to do is to call at Neat N Clean, and our experts shall make use of their experience as well as the latest advancements in technology to provide you the world class furniture cleaning services and make even your old furniture shine like new.

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