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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets have been used to increase the aesthetic appeal of houses, offices, suites etc. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, they make for an excellent material for increasing the elegance and comfort they provide. While carpets make for an excellent choice for flooring, they need continuous care and routine maintenance that includes regular cleaning of the carpets at intervals of 6-8 months. Carpet cleaning is important because if the carpet cleaning is not proper, it might come associated with the following hazards:

  • Health Hazards: An improperly maintained/cleaned carpet might lead to many health hazards because of the presence of dust particles, bacteria and allergens commonly found in any home linked to the disorders of the nose and/or serious respiratory disorders like sinuses, asthma etc. While vacuuming offers a temporary solution for the problem, it does not provide with proper carpet cleaning. Neat N Clean’s professional cleaning is necessary as we use specially procured reagents from Taski, 3M, Johnson & Diversy.  Also, the combination of vast experience and the mechanized efforts of the machines from Bosch, Eureka Forbes, Kearcher and Roots, provide an excellent carpet cleaning that keeps you safe.
  • Dust Mite Infestations:  Dust mite infestations tend to develop very rapidly on an uncleaned carpet as it provides them the space for harboring the eggs, and just vacuuming is not enough to get rid of this problem. Therefore, trust no one else than Neat N Clean’s carpet cleaning experts for getting rid of the dust mite infestations.
  • Smell: Carpets are known to absorb odors. If you own a pet or have small kids at your place, there are high chances that your carpet is absorbing odors. After some time, due to the presence of odors, carpets may become too obnoxious. Call carpet cleaning experts at Neat N Clean, and they will remove all such odors .
  • Appearance:             While vacuuming and spot cleaning might be helpful in maintaining the appearance of your carpet, you still need professional experts to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your carpets by professional carpet cleaning. Call carpet cleaning experts from Neat N Clean and maintain the aesthetics of your carpet.
  • Product Life: If a carpet is not professionally cleaned, you might end up with a product having a very small life. Expert carpet cleaner provides you with a definite peace of mind that your carpet has been cleaned by experts and your carpet maintains the glow all the year round. Neat N Clean employs professionally trained professionals who do carpet cleaning professionally and maintain your carpet like new all the year round.

Benefits of using Carpet Cleaning services

  • Served more than 10 lakh+ customers
  • Extensively trained professionals employed in carpet cleaning
  • Only high-quality cleansing solutions & equipment used
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Soft-spoken and polite staff
  • Experts hired only after rigorous background checks and rigorous training.

Feel free to contact Neat N Clean to call the best available experts in carpet cleaning do the job for you while you just relax and sip your cup of coffee.

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